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Policy Briefs and Road Maps

We want to facilitate access to information and relevant knowledge for actors in the Automotive Freight Transport (TAC) sector. Find here the main reports and academic articles prepared by our team of researchers.

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Portada policy 4
Policy brief: financing the decarbonisation of Road Freight Transport
This policy brief is a diagnosis of (i) factors limiting access and increasing the cost of financing for transporters and (ii) public policy for financing Road Freight Transport. Eight policy proposals emerge from the diagnosis. This is the fourth document of the policy brief series that GiroZero have published to generate inputs to improve the decision-making process regarding the decarbonisation of RFT in the country.
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portada policy
Policy brief: Public policy recommendations to renew the Road Freight Transport vehicle fleet in Colombia.
The third document of the policy brief series contains eleven proposals to improve and accelerate the renewal of the Road Freight Transport fleet by zero and low-emission vehicles in Colombia.
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portada policy brief
Policy Brief: Support in the transition, continuity and strengthening of zero emission policies for Road Freight Transport. A vision for the National Development Plan 2022-2026
The second document in the Policy Briefs series contains eight proposals to decarbonize Colombian trucking. The proposals are aligned with the country's international commitments and aim to strengthen the formulation and discussion of the National Development Plan 2022-2026.
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portada Policy
Policy Brief. Goals and challenges after COP 26 for Road Freight Transport on the road to zero emissions
This first document contains an analysis of the challenges arising from COP26 for the Road Freight Transport sector in Colombia. The main international commitments and their actions to reach zero emissions are also highlighted, using the Scenario Simulator developed by the GIRO ZERO team.
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portada road map
Giro Zero Road Map, directing the Road Freight Transport sector in Colombia towards zero emissions.
This report establishes a roadmap for the Road Freight Transport (TAC) sector in Colombia for its transformation towards a zero emissions sector.