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The roadmap towards decarbonisation in Colombia requires the convergence of the public, private and academic sectors.
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The annual symposium of the GiroZero project: "Progress, Future Perspectives and Strategies for the Road to Decarbonisation of Automotive Freight Transport" was done on 6th February.  
Agenda Eventos2024
The GiroZero project has been working since 2021 on actions and strategies for the decarbonisation of freight transport in Colombia. Therefore, this year it is pleased to announce a series of three events where progress and future perspectives on the road to zero emissions will be discussed.
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Landslides at km 58 in June and July 2023 By: Andrés Felipe Rey Ladino[1]
Curso operativo y curso intensivo
GiroZero Capacity Building Courses: A Road to Zero Emissions  GiroZero is pleased to announce a new cycle of capacity building courses. Two courses will be delivered as follows: 
Clase de Emrah Demir
Between 28 and 31 August, a new edition of the GiroZero courses was held, this time with a curriculum focused on operational tools to reduce emissions from Automotive Freight Transport.  The sessions were attended by approximately 40 people, mainly from logistics companies, road transport and freight generators in Colombia. 
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On 6 September, GiroZero participated in the event "Boosting the roadmap for the country's energy transition", organised by the  Cámara de la Industria Automotriz of the National Association of Businessmen of Colombia, ANDI, with the aim of promoting joint work between the public and private sectors and academia around the roadmap for an energy transition in Colombia.
Artículo opepa
Is it possible to dream of cleaner freight transport? GiroZero project manager Gordon Wilmsmeier answers how.
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¿How to determine a collaborative and impartial scenario among all the actors that play a fundamental role in this decarbonization? This Workshop will analyze how the simulation tool developed at GiroZero, which is the first in Colombia that quantitatively evaluates the configuration of the cargo fleet using historical data from the RDNC, can be used to answer this question.
Resultados Segundo Año
Disseminate to the public sector, private enterprise, associations, and academia the results obtained during the second year of work of the GiroZero project, financed by UK Pact Colombia.
Simposio Académico Internacional
To share and discuss results of Latin American Research on reducing emissions in Road Freight Transport using big data
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In this workshop we will learn how to use to calculate the environmental index of the Road Freight Transport in Colombia The objectives are: 1) Understand how data is converted into KPI performance indicators to produce real-time analytics. 2) Understand how to use environmental KPIs in decision making 3) Know how the ERFTI tool is structured
Intensive one-day course focused on the needs of the Automotive Freight Transport sector, based on the contributions collected by the GiroZero project. This course, developed by GiroZero, hopes to train the key players in cargo transportation in Colombia through the extensive experience of our professors and researchers.
In the International Capacity Building Program that took place in the United Kingdom, was developed: The Round Table - Building the path towards NetZero, a space for discussion between representatives of the United Kingdom and Colombia towards the new paths of sustainable and carbon-efficient logistics.