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We want to strengthen the knowledge and capacities of all actors in the transport sector, both private and public, in four strategic dimensions: fleet management, logistics optimization, fleet configuration, and safe and eco-efficient driving.


Fuente: Coviandina
Landslides at km 58 in June and July 2023 By: Andrés Felipe Rey Ladino[1]...
Curso operativo y curso intensivo
GiroZero Capacity Building Courses: A Road to Zero Emissions  GiroZero is pleased to announce a new cycle of capacity building courses. Two courses will be delivered as follows: ...
Policy brief
Our most recent Policy Brief is now published.

The most recent in GiroZero's Policy Brief series contains 11 proposals to improve and accelerate the renewal of the Motor Freight fleet.

Read the full document here:


Electric truck
Colombian coffee moves for the first time in an electric truck