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We completed the operational tools course!

Clase de Emrah Demir
Clase de Andrés Rey

09 Oct 2023

Between 28 and 31 August, a new edition of the GiroZero courses was held, this time with a curriculum focused on operational tools to reduce emissions from Automotive Freight Transport. 

The sessions were attended by approximately 40 people, mainly from logistics companies, road transport and freight generators in Colombia. 

On the first day, Professor Emrah Demir from Cardif University explained how to optimise logistics, specifically in the road freight transport phase, from the design and planning of operations. He spoke about the evolution of logistics companies and how the tools that Artificial Intelligence is beginning to offer will be able to improve optimisation and therefore reduce the CO2 emissions of the TAC. 

On the second and fourth day, Professor Andrés Rey explained the elements that make up the GiroZero dashboard.

Indicator calculations were made for some routes proposed by the participants, such as: 
Yopal - Barrancabermeja; Marmato-Pereira and Medellín-Cali.

Some important concepts about decarbonisation were also explained, such as:  

  • Differences between Euro 6 and Euro VI   
  • Phases of emission measurement   
  • Emission factors   
  • Types of emissions according to scopes (1, 2 and 3 )   
  • Fuels for the energy transition

And the results of some of the pilots that GiroZero has studied in the framework of the project were shown.

Clase de Andres Rey


On the third day, Cardiff University professor Vasco Sanchez Rodrigues gave some examples of how companies are connecting their objectives with the Sustainable Development Goals.

How does the transport sector relate to sustainability and what are the trends in sustainable practices in this sector?
In the GiroZero road map, there is a guide to know what decisions we have to take to advance in the implementation of cleaner transport.   

These are some of the cases that Professor Sanchez Rodrigues brought to the session to talk about trends in sustainable supply chains:

Sustainable logistics – Amazon’s perspective: Decodes: Sustainable Logistics 

DHL’s path to sustainable logistics: Deutsche Post DHL Group | Accelerated Roadmap to decarbonization 

Sustainability & collaboration: Commit to Sustainability through Collaboration 


GiroZero continues to make progress in capacity building for both the public sector and the freight transport industry in Colombia. To date, more than 500 people have completed the courses offered by the project, both in capacity building and in eco-efficient and safe driving.  

We continue to work so that more and more people join the road to zero emissions!