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How to achieve cleaner freight transport?

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24 Aug 2023

Is it possible to dream of cleaner freight transport? GiroZero project manager Gordon Wilmsmeier answers how.

Is it possible to dream of cleaner freight transport?  

The answer is yes. 

The Organisation for Environmental Education and Protection (OpEPA), in the framework of the Carbon Neutral project, interviewed the director of the GiroZero project, Gordon Wilmsmeier, about the challenges of decarbonisation of the Road Freight Transport  (RFT) sector in Colombia. 

The diagnosis of the challenges also reveals an important consideration for progress towards zero emissions: the importance of the discussion between academia, the public sector and the private sector in order to find opportunities or possible solutions to overcome the challenges of decarbonisation. 

It is very important that all social and institutional actors are articulated to create clear pathways, which allow for the allocation of sufficient resources through public-private partnerships or other financing strategies.   

The GiroZero project, funded by UKPACT and implemented in partnership with the Universidad de los Andes, seeks to build a strategy to achieve a zero TAC emissions target in Colombia that takes into account the actual geographical, political, economic and social conditions of the country. This is why it is currently setting up a centre of excellence in which, among other things, the actions that are being carried out to meet the 2030 target can be jointly analysed to determine whether they are sufficient to achieve the 51% reduction in emissions by that year.  

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Descarbonización del transporte en Colombia ¿Un sueño posible? (