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"Economic efficiency goes hand in hand with sustainability", the experience of the HDL Logistics pilot company

09 Oct 2023

Hernán Darío Bulla, head of operations at HDL Logística, talks about the company's experience with a pilot study carried out with GiroZero to compare the fuel efficiency and emissions per tonne-kilometre of a vehicle operated with Natural Gas Vehicle and another operated with diesel on the Medellín-Bogotá route.  

The company obtained results of an emissions reduction of 4.3% compared to diesel and highlights, above all, the capacity building that occurred hand in hand with the GiroZero project and allowed the company to generate value not only for its customers, but also for society, suppliers and human talent of HDL.  

"Innovating implies a scenario of uncertainty and from GiroZero and the entire team of researchers great things were built in terms of knowledge. The expectations were high, they were met and exceeded". 

In addition, since it started working with GiroZero, the company has increased its fleet of Euro VI vehicles and has some basic indicators to continue advancing in terms of sustainability.

"The exercise shows that economic efficiency goes hand in hand with sustainability". 

The company's invitation is to join the GiroZero network and continue generating value for society and positive impacts on the market.See here the full document with the results of the pilot.

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